Smooth, perfect coffee is not born through the roasting, but at the stage of the tender nursing of the coffee bushes by the farmer. With at least 5,000 coffee beans in every 1 kg of roasted coffee, it takes each farmer over two hours to pick these 5,000 individual coffee beans. At around 4,000 feet (~ 1,200 MASL), coffee tends to have citrus, vanilla, chocolate or nutty notes whereas at altitudes above 5,000 feet (~1,500 MASL) the coffee is usually spicy, floral, or fruity.

The Arabica varieties grown by our farmers in the Rwenzori ranges include SL14 and SL28 with the soils being of the old tectonic type. The harvest is typically done from August to November (main season) with a fly crop between March and May. Different heights provide for different flavours and coffee grown, for instance, at around 3,000 feet (~914 MASL), will be sweet and smooth.

The coffees distributed through Silver Mountain outlets in the United Kingdom and the United States are coffees drawn from different micro washing stations ranging from 1,300 MASL to 1900 MASL where the post-harvest process yields fully washed coffees with the use of raised drying tables with shade cover.


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