Our Model

Our Model

Until 1989, coffee like most commodities was traded in a managed market, regulated by the
International Coffee Agreement (ICA). The aim was to keep the price of coffee relatively stable,
within a price corset ranging from $1.20/lb to $1.40/lb. Disagreement between members led to
the effective breakdown of the agreement in 1989.
Today, the agreement survives, administered by the International Coffee Organization (ICO),
but has lost its power to regulate the supply of coffee through quotas and the price corset. Prices
of coffee are currently determined on the two big futures markets based in London and New York. The London market is the benchmark for Robusta coffee while the New York market for Arabica.

Our goal is to achieve greater value for the farmers who are the key stakeholders. We are therefore working to multiply (double at minimum) the farmers’ income by accentuating the quality aspect and distributing the premium that consumers are willing to pay for this coffee back along the value chain.

Many of the farmer groups subscribe to Fair-trade and Organic certification schemes with farmers benefiting on a pro rata basis from attractive premiums accruing from both schemes and through a grassroots network of more than sixty farmer groups.

Silver Mountain is working to increase the number of farmers that subscribe to the four sustainability principles through these certifications and to encourage them to;

  • Join the now existent co-operative groups that can help with providing start up training and support, advice and enable access to micro-finance loans through a pilot partnership we supported recently.

  • Always paying farmers a fair price for their coffee.

Silver Mountain Coffee Ltd brings these high cupping coffees with great taste sensations all the way from the mountain to you. We work with the farmers at source providing them with a fair price, ensuring quality at all stages and in turn providing you with a reliable and steady supply of great coffee.

For further information or to receive a sample, please contact us on;

Tel: +44(0)1908 904 225 OR +44(0)7593 371 612

Email: joshua@silvermountaincoffee.com


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