Our Coffees

Our coffees are mainly Arabica's sourced from small holder farms along the Rwenzori mountain ranges. We specialise in fully washed coffees and naturals from micro lots which we buy directly from the co-operatives.

Over the years we have actively worked to ensure farmers get more out of their coffee and subsequently better their livelihoods by paying an above fair price for the coffees we source.

Since coffee take years to yield first cherries, the coffee growing communities must carefully plan their expenses and plant according to their knowledge of demand and price. The speculative behaviour of Arabica markets is disastrous for producers who don’t have the means to predict or hedge in periods of market upheaval. Premiums paid for quality and good growing practices mean that farmers can focus on their product rather than worrying about price fluctuations they are unable to predict.


Our Coffees: (SL14 & SL28)

Our selection currently on offer.

* Rwenzori - NYAN-D005-Natural (2019) - Sun dried, hand sorted
* Rwenzori - NYAB-W010-Fully Washed (2019) - Sun dried, hand sorted 
* Rwenzori - NYAN-D001-Natural (2019) - Sun dried, hand sorted
* Rwenzori - MITA-W007-Fully Washed (2018) - Sun dried, hand sorted

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