Origins of our Coffee

Origin of Our Coffee

Our coffee is grown along the slopes of the Rwenzori Mountains, also known as the ‘Mountains of the Moon’. The mountain ranges provide ideal growing conditions for cultivating some of the world’s best coffee, which is what the farmers strive to produce.

For a long time, the Rwenzori Mountains were inaccessible and investment limited for years.In the late 1990’s farmers had to leave the land because the area was unsettled owing to armed conflict by insurgents from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). When they returned, coffee prices were at an all-time low and the only options were selling their coffee from their shamba’s (gardens) or carrying it to the local market.

As a means of improving their lot, some progressive farmers made a decision to invest in village-level micro-washing stations with drying and storage facilities and undertook training to perfect their preparation of washed Arabica and naturally sun dried Arabica.

The farmers who are mainly from the Bakonzo and Bamba tribes have sought to build upon this opportunity and now form part of a positive coffee co-operative movement of change in Western Uganda. They are investing in their land, in production as well as social programmes and are committed to organic coffee farming based on the four sustainability principles.

The majority of members in the farmer-owned cooperatives are women. As it is an unusual situation to have such a high participation of women as stakeholders in coffee production, this represents a tremendous opportunity for women to achieve greater equality and influence over household income.


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