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Silver Mountain Coffee are suppliers of organically grown Ugandan premium and specialty Arabica coffee produced in line with the sustainable coffee model. Our 2 locations in the UK and USA enable us to get a better price for our farmers.

The Rwenzori Mountain range where we get our coffee from stretches 120 kilometers long and is 65 kilometers wide between Lakes Albert and Lake George. It is renowned for producing good Arabica coffee which grows best at altitudes over 1,500 meters above sea level.

After years of engaging with farmers in the Rwenzori region and tasting their coffee, we decided we had to get the world to experience the fruits of their hard work and amazing coffee. This meant doing plenty of preparatory work to enable the farmers provide us with their coffee in exchange for a better price for their product. Over the last few years, we have worked tirelessly with the farmers and the communities in and around the mountains to get the quality of coffee we now sell to our customers worldwide.

Our mission is to improve the livelihoods of coffee farmers. Our vision is a community that is able to use one of its most abundant resources to develop, uplift and sustain itself so that its people can develop and provide for their families.  

In recognition of their tremendous efforts, our primary focus is on continually working to obtain the highest quality specialty coffee possible from the farmers while ensuring support such as seeds, training, machinery, finance and guaranteed market for their crop is always available.


Most of the areas where the coffee is grown is considered hard to reach due to the altitude and lack of basic infrastructure such as roads. This means farmers and their families cannot easily access many basic services. To further complicate this, access to markets for their coffee is almost non-existent and many have relied on unscrupulous intermediaries. Therefore, through our work with the farmers we are working to make access to basic services possible.

Throughout the production life cycle of our coffee, maintaining good quality is always a key factor. This can be seen for example during the labour intensive process of sorting of our coffee where mostly women make sure only the best seeds are sorted and bagged ready for market.


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